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more to come

more to come


I can’t stop making these.

teen wolf   
  • when i'm attracted to a guy character: you stupid nerd i love u i wanna kiss

  • when i'm attracted to a girl character: oh my god you beautiful queen you are untouchable pls step on me



a completely serious moodboard for marius pontmercy



les mis   

Anton Zetterholm being adorable/perfect ➳ during the Room 9 Advent  [part 1/?]


"You should smile more!"


"You look tired!"


"Are you really going to eat all that?"


Is it that time of month?


"You’re just being dramatic"


"You have terrible taste"


"Just exercise and eat less!"


"Thats really slutty"



“Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky. On their watch, the Siberian wall stayed unbreached for six years. Six years.”

Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky. On their watch, the Siberian wall stayed unbreached for six years. Six years.

pacific rim   
annaroseraemouth!- actually no wait, this is completely irrelevant but can i just change it up to your six favourite hp next gen headcanons? <3


ALWAYS oh god hp headcanons always thank you for asking oh boy

  • slytherin lily luna potter, gryffindor albus + james PLEASE
  • fucked-up codependent rebellious too-close potter siblings who block everybody else out the majority of the time and have all sorts of rumours spread about them and who are ice and fire and all extremes and desperate cloying panicked love for each other and god screwed up potter sibling dynamics always
  • wicked biting sarcastic victoire who is so not here to be your token maternal figure thank you so much
  • darling uncertain teddy lupin who wants and wants and wants but cannot act on any of those desires because his father’s guilt has wound its way into him and he always feels he has imposed too much on too large a part of the weasley family so he cannot want even one of its daughters (and he definitely cannot decide he no longer wants that beautiful golden oldest daughter and decide he maybe wants two thirds of its wanton destructive potter contingent instead) 
  • hacker extraordinaire louis who keeps getting hogwarts into all sorts of trouble for messing around with important muggle government websites just for the hell of it
  • quiet shadowed hugo whose whole family basically overlooks him his entire childhood and who explodes out of nowhere onto the muggle music scene as the lead singer + guitarist of an astonishingly successful band when he’s in his mid 20s and all his cousins are just like sorry…. hugo?????!?!?!

Fashion Wonderland: Dolce&Gabbana autumn/winter 2012-2013



The Hunger Games as a modelling competition.

"What happened to the pretty little girl dresses?"

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